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  • Melissa Ramirez, BA

    Client Care Coordinator

    Pronouns: she/her/hers

    I am Filipina American soon to be Doctorate student of Psychology. I was born and raised in the Bay Area but am now based more northern in California. My values and work are driven and motivated by social justice. I recognize the limitations within Western counseling psychology and am committed to integrating broader cultural and societal factors, including the impact of oppressive systems, into my work. I am passionate about supporting and fostering a space for growth and collective healing in the AAPI community. 

    When I am not working, I can be found reading a book. A few of my favorite books are: The Silent Patient, Homebodies, and the Lord of the Rings series. I am a dog mom of two: a corgi and a German Shepherd. A few things that I love in no particular order: making iced coffee at home, walking on a cloudy day, any kind of soup, laughing until your stomach hurts, the smell of bookstores, and home-cooked meals.