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    Child Therapy

    Your Child’s Mental Health Matters. They Can Become Resilient and Thrive.

    You always want to see your child happy and thriving. As a parent, you want to do what is best for them. But when you start to notice them excessively worrying. To the point they are no longer able to focus, relax, or even enjoy activities, you know they need help. They tell you that they are worried about their school performance, social interactions, or even their safety. You can see this affecting them and you don’t know what to do.

    Maybe you’ve noticed your child struggling with more stomachaches, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. Or perhaps they’ve mentioned having trouble making and keeping friends or completing tasks at school. You know sickness happens and that not all children have the same social skills, but you can’t help but worry. You’ve even noticed their self-esteem is taking a hit. That they’re constantly seeking reassurance and validation from you. You want them to know they are loved, worthy, and capable of accomplishing anything. But how?

    Why Parents or Guardians Might Seek Child Therapy in San Ramon, CA?

    When your child is struggling, it can be hard to decide where to turn. You want to make sure that your child receives the best possible care and support they need to grow and thrive. Anxiety and excessive worrying can affect your child’s ability to enjoy activities and even the smallest of tasks. This is why seeking a child therapist in San Ramon, CA can help provide the individualized care that your child needs.

    Reasons for seeking child therapy can include, but are not limited to, helping your child:

    • Learn coping skills to manage excessive worry or fear and panic
    • Develop healthy communication strategies with peers and adults
    • Feel more confident in themselves and their abilities
    • Address selective mutism
    • Reduce physical symptoms related to stress
    • Gain insight into their thoughts and feelings
    • Increase self-esteem and manage self-criticism
    • Learn strategies to help with getting ready for school and going to bed
    • Feel comfortable participating in school activities

    Your child can thrive and become resilient to the challenges of life. With the help of a trusted, compassionate child therapist in San Ramon, CA. At Sweet Mango Therapy Group, our therapists will work with your child to find the best ways to help them grow, learn, and flourish. Your child should be able to focus more on their hobbies and interests and leave the worries behind. You know that your child can be happy and content, and we are here to help make that happen.

    Photo of a young African American boy standing in a library reading a book. Looking to provide your child support with their anxiety and other behaviors? Discover how child therapy in San Ramon, CA can help your child achieve their goals.

    Together We Can Help Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment For Your Child to Feel Listened to, Validated, and Empowered.

    At Sweet Mango Therapy Group, our therapists understand that creating a safe and comfortable environment for your child is essential. We strive to make sure our sessions are tailored to each child’s needs and address their challenges. Our team of therapists has worked with many children that have struggled with anxiety, selective mutism, depression, and social challenges. Before working with our therapists, many children shared how they felt overwhelmed by their worries and were unable to handle them on their own. Parents shared they felt helpless and wanted their children to have someone to talk to that would understand.

    After starting child therapy, these children were able to start feeling more confident and relaxed in their abilities. They felt as if they could cope with their anxiety and just enjoy being a child. Parents noticed their children were able to focus more, make and keep friends, and look forward to going to school. They felt relief and so did their children.

    Let’s Work Together To Help Your Child Feel Empowered and Confident.

    Your child deserves the best care and support to help them reach their fullest potential. Sweet Mango Therapy Group is committed to helping your child reduce their anxiety symptoms. We strive to help your child gain coping strategies to manage their anxiety so they can feel empowered and confident. They also can gain insight into their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Your child can express their feelings without judgment and learn skills to feel capable of completing tasks and enjoying activities.

    Our Approach to Child Therapy

    Our therapists approach child therapy by having a variety of approaches based on your child’s needs. This can include talk therapy, play therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), relaxation techniques, and social skills training. These methods are chosen based on what your child is comfortable with and the type of therapy that will best address their issues.

    Talk Therapy

    Our therapists provide a safe and supportive environment where your child can express themselves without judgment. Talk therapy is for children who are comfortable talking to their therapist and sharing their emotions. The child therapist will listen and will help the child understand their anxiety better. They may ask your child questions or offer advice on how to cope with anxiety.

    Play Therapy

    Play therapy is for children who are more comfortable expressing themselves through activities such as art, using toys, or playing games. In this type of therapy, the play therapist will observe and talk with the child about what they are doing. Through play, the child can learn new ways to manage their anxiety.

    Photo of a child drawing trees on paper. With the help of a skilled child therapist your child can begin working on their coping skills to manage their social skills and begin feeling confident. Learn how child therapy in San Ramon, CA can support your child.

    Relaxation Techniques

    Our therapists will also teach your child techniques to support them in relaxing and calming down when they feel anxious. For example, they might teach deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, or guided imagery. These techniques can help your child overcome their anxious thoughts and help them feel relaxed.

    Social Skills Training

    Anxiety can sometimes make it difficult for children to interact with others. That’s why our therapists might use this type of therapy to help your child to learn skills to help them make friends, talk to others, and feel more comfortable in social situations. The therapist might use role-playing or games to practice these skills.

    CBT for Children

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for children is a type of therapy our therapists use to help children with anxiety. It focuses on how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected. It teaches them how to recognize and challenge unhelpful thoughts and replace them with more realistic and positive thoughts.

    For example, the child therapist will help your child to understand how their thoughts can affect how they feel. They will also help them to identify negative or anxious thoughts and recognize how those thoughts make them feel. Thus, helping them to develop more balanced and realistic thinking patterns so that they can start to feel more confident and in control.


    Mindfulness is another technique that is helpful for children with anxiety. It allows them to pay more attention and feel more present at the moment. With mindfulness, they can learn to focus their attention on their breath, senses, and the things happening around them. Mindfulness helps children become more aware of their thoughts and feelings without getting overwhelmed by them.

    It can help them stay present and reduce worries about the past and future.  It can also help to improve their concentration and focus, regulate their emotions, and build resilience. Mindfulness can be practiced through guided exercises, such as mindful breathing or body scans, as well as incorporating mindfulness into daily activities like eating or walking. Also, CBT and mindfulness can often be used together to provide a comprehensive approach to managing anxiety in children.

    Photo of a family sitting on a porch smiling. Discover ways to support your child with child therapy in San Ramon, CA. With the help of a child therapist your child will begin to learn to feel more confident.

    Interested in Beginning Child Therapy in San Ramon, CA?

    Our team of therapists at Sweet Mango Therapy Group wants to support your child in feeling empowered and confident. We strive to help children reduce their anxiety and gain coping skills. We want to help you and your child feel supported and provide you with the best care possible. If you’re interested in beginning Child Therapy:

    1. Contact Us to schedule an appointment
    2. Learn More About Our Therapists
    3. Begin Seeing Your Child Become Resilient and Thrive!

    Other Therapy Services at Sweet Mango Therapy Group

    We understand that you and your loved ones may face more challenges than what is faced in childhood. This is why at Sweet Mango Therapy group, our team of therapists offers a variety of other therapy services. They understand each family is unique and they strive to provide individualized care that meets the specific needs of each person. This is why we offer services such as brainspotting, anxiety therapy, trauma counseling, family counseling, and depression counseling. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, reach out today!